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Strategic Unit

The Strategic Unit, established in January 2017, is part of the Investigative Support Center and is responsible for providing long-term and overall analysis of illegal drugs and drug trends throughout the Rocky Mountain HIDTA region.  The primary goal of the unit is to support law enforcement through detailed research and analysis, comprehensive reports, informational bulletins, and overall drug expertise. 


Although based out of the Rocky Mountain region, the Strategic Unit is available as a resource to anyone seeking information on illegal drugs in our area of responsibility.   


Examples of services provided by the Strategic Unit:

  • Regional or by state drug prices

  • Drug specific data, statistics, and trends

  • Presentations regarding published reports (see reports link)

  • Subject matter expertise on illegal drugs

Support Center 

The Investigative Support Center develops critical intelligence for law enforcement and public health professionals to aid in supply reduction and drug use prevention.

Examples of services provided by the Investigative Support Center:

  • Regional Analyst Network

  • Tactical and Strategic Analytical Support

  • Deconfliction

  • Drug specific data, statistics, and trends

  • Overdose Response Strategy (ORS)

  • Coordination with prevention and treatment partners

Phone: 303-671-2180​

Domestic Highway Enforcement (DHE) Strategy

Provides a coordinated Domestic Highway Enforcement (DHE) Strategy for implementation by federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies working with the HIDTA Program.

This strategy promotes collaborative, intelligence-led, unbiased policing in coordinated and mutually supportive multi-jurisdictional law enforcement efforts on the Nation’s Highways. The DHE strategy both improves the investigative efforts of the HIDTA's in attacking drug trafficking organizations and has significant impact on traffic safety, homeland security and other crimes.


Rocky Mountain HIDTA produces a document entitled the Rocky Mountain Highway Patrol Network Intelligence Bulletin which is available to law enforcement agencies at the button below 

Dealer Counting Money

Event Deconfliction

Event Deconfliction is crucial for officer safety when conducting law enforcement operations.  Event Deconfliction can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year at

Toll Free 1-800-821-0640
FAX:  303-671-2191


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