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The mission of the RMHIDTA Training Program is to provide federal, state, and local drug enforcement officers with FREE high-level; professional training courses. Training is viewed as the driving force that empowers drug and law enforcement officers with the skills and knowledge necessary to be safe and effective in the field. In furtherance, training is the fundamental educational mechanism that helps officers understand the enormity of the drug problem beyond the local and regional level of enforcement to the national and international level. Training is facilitated in pursuit of the goals and objectives of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and Rocky Mountain HIDTA. The Training Program acts as a coordinator and clearinghouse for other training providers within the Rocky Mountain HIDTA region.

The Rocky Mountain HIDTA Training Division offers ongoing technical training at no cost to law enforcement and public health professionals.

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Examples of Courses Offered:

  • Narcotic Investigations/Task Force Operations
  • Investigating Violent Crime
  • Social Networking/Cyber Crimes
  • Money Laundering
  • Interdiction Investigations
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • And Others
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