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Lodging  Information 

Students:   Students must be headquartered at least sixty (60) miles (driving distance) from the classroom site in order to be eligible for lodging.  RMHIDTA will not pay for rooms reserved more than one day prior to the beginning of class or more than one day following the conclusion of class. Attendees from the same agency, and of the same gender, are required to share a room unless otherwise approved through the RMHIDTA Training Manager. Lodging will only be approved per the federal GSA rate or by prior agreement with the hotel. The Training Office will establish a block of rooms and provide an ‘authorized student roster’ to the respective hotel at least thirty (30) days in advance of training. The student will receive a copy of the authorized hotel roster approximately two weeks before the start of class.


Students are responsible for canceling room reservations, should this become necessary, by calling the Training Office. Unless reservations are cancelled by RMHIDTA, the hotel will expect payment. If a student fails to cancel their lodging reservation and is considered a “no-show” by the hotel, RMHIDTA will cover the payment to ensure the hotel receives a timely payment but will then seek reimbursement from the student or the student’s agency. Ultimately, the students will be responsible for any “no-show” charges.


RMHIDTA will not reimburse for incidentals such as movies, room service, tips, telephone calls, laundry expenses, ATM fees, etc. Students will be asked to provide a credit card upon check-in to cover incidental expenses. It is the student’s responsibility to pay for all incidental expenses before checking out of the hotel.


Instructors:   RMHIDTA instructors must be headquartered at least fifty (50) miles from the classroom site in order to be eligible for lodging coverage. RMHIDTA will coordinate all lodging being paid for by the Training Program.

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